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There's nothing else like it!

Crocodile!® is unique because it's an all-natural, organically grown, herbal-based insect repellent. It does not contain any DEET, a controversial bug repellent used by most major brands. It is non-aerosol, non-greasy, and has a pleasant odor. Crocodile is even backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Here's what people are saying about Crocodile!®

"Having enjoyed great success with Crocodile on the soft southern midges, I gave some of the roll-on to a friend heading up for a week on the hill in Ross & Cromarty at the height of the clegg season.

The honest feedback? You need to be thorough in the application. It is great for keeping them off the areas that have been covered, but a few stripes on the head and arms will not create a general exclusion zone. That said, it was the only repellent that had any effect that week."
Charles (Scotland)

"I have just returned from fishing the Brora, I tried the Crocodile insect repellent on three nights whilst fishing for seatrout. It works as well as Jungle formula, I was able to continue fishing even when the wind dropped to nothing.

I found that you had to put plenty on and replenish at regular intervals.

I also preferred the roll-on to the ointment type. It is not 100% but what is? It allowed me to fish in difficult midge conditions and did not make the fly line go sticky."
Malcolm (Scotland)

"The bug repellents were all given to members of our team, some even ended with other teams and no one was bitten...It worked very well"!"
Stuart Crofts, Sportfish Team England Fly Fishing team

"I can wholeheartedly recommend this product! I seem to attract all manner of biting insects and have found that Crocodile works better than anything else I have tried. I've just got back from Vietnam and used Crocodile there. I was a bit sceptical as I've tried the citronella oil type repellents and found them pretty useless.

My partner and I both used the roll-on Crocodile and were very pleased with it. Firstly, we did not get bitten when we used it. Secondly, it smells quite nice and thirdly, it makes a good harmless moisturiser. I got blasť towards the last couple of days and forgot to use it. I was promptly rewarded with a dozen mossie bites."
Glen (England)

"Just wanted to let you know I purchased your product on a whim. I was desperate to find a product that was kid-friendly and worked for my 18-month old son, who, of course, swells up in huge welts from either mosquitoes or black flies. I bought your product half-expecting it not to work. I applied it to him at a my nephew's ball game (where the bugs are awful) and low and behold the only bite he got was on his foot between his sandal strap!

Thank you so much for taking the time to develop a product that is all natural and safe for children to wear. I am amazed and thankful for how well it works and will be a life-long crocodile user."

Tina Cahill
Newbury, NH

From a Silky Smooth user...

Hi folks:

I'm writing to tell you what a miracle hand cream you have with your Crocodile silky smooth moisturing cream. I have extremely dry hands, from too many years on ski patrol having to take my gloves off in bitter cold temperatures; too many years with my hands in darkroom chemicals (thank God for digital!); and too many years in the newspaper field, handling tons of moisture-sucking paper on a daily basis. Suffice to say my hands are a wreck, and I've tried everything to give me relief. Specialty outdoor creams, home remedies, farmers' stuff like Bag Balm, and every possible over the counter cream you can name. I've thrown out more creams that don't work (some that make my hands worse) than I care to even think about. Until finding Crocodile. I don't know where I found it, but once I tried it, I knew years of frustration and discomfort were over—to say nothing about having to explain in midwinter, when my hands are at their worst, why I had bandages on 6, 7 or 8 fingers because the cracks were so bad. No more.

After looking for Crocodile in every store I could think of, from supermarkets to natural food co-ops to specialty boutiques, I gave up—with my supply dwindling—and came straight to the source. I've ordered enough to keep me in Crocodile for awhile, and boy am I happy about it.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for developing such a great product.

One last note: market this stuff!! More people need to know about Crocodile!

Wes Johnson
Chester, VT

"This past August, 2001, I took a trip to Peru, South America, and brought along a couple of Croc Bites. I am glad that I did! While touring through the Amazon Jungle, the bugs were intense. We were advised to wear long sleeved shirts and long pants to counter the many types of insects that were quite active. Due to the extreme heat, I found the protective clothing to be a struggle while hiking. Instead, I decided to try the Crocodile product to ward off the insects. It worked! Others in my group left the jungle with huge welts covering their bodies. I was barely affected! The Crocodile product does not have the heavy smell of most bug repellents and thus made it encouraging to apply and reapply. The container was small and light to carry which also made reapplication easy while hiking.

Crocodile is a great product. The tour guides from the Amazon camp became curious about the product and asked if I would leave the remainder with them. They weren't used to seeing visitors to the jungle virtually unaffected by the insects! Crocodile worked!"
Robin Picard
Keene, NH


"Subject: Herbal Repellent For Mexican No-See-Ums

November 3, 2001

Hi Tom,

A story has been circulating for years that a Japanese consortium sent a delegation to a tiny village on Mexico's tropical west coast to check out the feasibility of erecting a hotel and resort complex. According to routine they set up a half-dozen insect traps to determine if there were any biting insects around. According to pundits the traps filled to overflowing within minutes and the slapping and scratching visitors abandoned their quest, and fled to Japan.

"No-see-um" is a generic term for tiny biting insects that leave a large itching welt. Because the insects are not related to mosquitoes traditional DEET repellents have enjoyed little if any success in repelling these little monsters. One hundred percent pure DEET is somewhat effective, but I get a little apprehensive about slathering on something that resembles (in formula) an industrial accident. No-see-ums are most active at dawn and dusk, so I would rather do without wearing DEET all day.

Then I heard about an herbal potion that supposedly was effective for no-see-ums as well as mosquitoes and fleas. I ordered a bottle just prior to my last trip to Mexico and I had occasion to (really need) it. Tiny no-see-ums attacked me up to my knees and a swarm of mosquitoes decided that from the knees on up I was fair game. I dashed inside for the herbal repellent. I slathered it on and to my great surprise, it worked. Not one bite from then on (I remained in the village for another six days).

I would like to share this repellent with RVers who plan on visiting Mexico this year, or just plain don't care for DEET. A Canadian neighbor begged me for a sample and she reported that the herbal repellent worked better than a well-known skin product against no-see-ums and skeeters.

The repellent is available only through the manufacturer (that is a tiny grass roots operation by the name of "Dancing Roots" located in New Hampshire). The name of the repellent is "Crocodile" which describes what it protects against, to the proverbial "T".

Because of the uniqueness of the product (Herbal) and it's effectiveness (when everything else seems to fail), I can heartily recommend it for prospective visitors to Mexico.



+++David Eidell is our Online Advisor for RVing Mexico."

"I received the resent Crocodile yesterday - many thanks! A fellow from New Hampshire that I was backpacking with in the south east desert canyons in Utah a few weeks ago had some crocodile. All of us in the group admired its effectiveness with the flies and its pleasant, non-obtrusive smell. He lives in New Hampshire and happened to pick some up from a display near a cash register there - didn't remember where. We checked the container and saw your website address. I was sold when I saw you had tested it in the Everglades.

Best -
Mary Beth"

"Hello Dan,

The Crocodile!® is working great!!! The temps are gradually dropping here and we haven't had as much rain lately, so the mosquitoes have gone else where. But I did go out and work in my flower bed a couple of weeks ago. I put the Crocodile!® oil on my arms, hands, neck, face and even dabbed some on my socks and the bottoms of my jeans. I was out there for quite a while, and can you believe it............I didn't have a single bite!!!!! On the rare occasion I do venture outside at dusk, usually to walk my dog, and forget to put on the Crocodile!®, I might get one bite, but the Crocodile!® stops the itch almost immediately. My husband also uses it on his legs to stop the itch. His ankles have itched, it seems, for years. This is the only thing that has made them stop.

This oil goes a long way, but have bookmarked your web site so I can get more for next year. You have hit on a gold mine. Thanks for sharing it with a very satisfied customer."
- Cynda

Herbal Bug Discouragant
by David "El Codo" Eidell

El Codo Tests "Crocodile" Herbal Mosquito Repellent

Which potion would you rather smear all over your body?
N, N-diethyl-m-tolamide?
An extract of Rosemary, Sage, Feverfew, Wormwood, Lavender, and Thyme in Eucalyptus, Canola, and Castor oils?

A few years ago I loaned my body to People's Guide research in order to test Lorena's recommendation of Pennyroyal Oil in concert with a conventional mosquito repellent to thwart the fabled flesh-eating no-see-ums of San Blas.

That test was a rousing success, but I was still left with a feeling of doubt about whether or not I actually needed to have a commercial repellent with DEET. DEET is a potent chemical and human skin is no foolproof barrier against solvents and chemicals.

After seeing a reference on the People's Guide to Mexico website about an herbal based mosquito repellent, I contacted the manufacturer, Dancing Roots at and obtained a 2 fluid oz. bottle of "Crocodile Herbal Insect Repellent".

Not long after that, I had occasion to travel to some remote beaches in Baja. Summertime in Baja is infamous for mosquitoes, fleas and no-see-ums. I took along the bottle of Crocodile, but I was in a hurry and neglected to obtain my usual bug protections of Pennyroyal Oil or a DEET repellent before I departed.

Sure enough... just at sundown, precisely when the breeze died, no-see-ums started chewing on my ankles. I wiped some Crocodile up to my knees and the biting ceased.

The mosquitoes showed up an hour later and after swatting off half-a dozen of the pesky blood suckers, I finished applying the herbal remedy to all of my exposed skin. Caramba! It worked! The little critters landed for a moment and, after they experienced a whiff of the herbal ingredients, they fled.

I still think I would feel more comfortable if I had an "emergency supply" of DEET "just in case". And I have great confidence in Pennyroyal oil, so I will include a tiny vial of that next time as well. I would rather carry these repellents and never use them. In the malaria prone areas of Chiapas and Yucatan (summer time only), I definitely would take extreme measures to avoid being bitten: Mosquito netting, long sleeve pants, and shirt. But for everywhere else I'll count on Crocodile Herbal Discouragement to take the bite out of the bugs.

"Just thought you'd like to know of our experience with Crocodile!® This story will appear in an issue of the Environmental Health Network's newsletter, *The New Reactor.*

Now, while EHN does not recommend products, I can tell of my experience and so shall, in that way, help spread the word.

I first learned of *Crocodile!®* through Safe2Use and then learned of your company and website.

I live with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), which makes synthetic pesticides and synthetic fragrances absolutely NOT an option for me.

Now for my story:

We had been on a five-week trip through the midwest and southwest ... plenty of mosquitos to test Crocodile!® stuff on. (I hail from Missouri, the Show Me state.)

Now, what this means for other MCSers, I don't know. But I was able to tolerate the odor -- not oppressive in the least. And once on my skin, it didn't seem to be noticeable to other people.

The best news is that I found it worked . . . WHEN I remembered to use it. It obviously remained noticeable to mosquitos and other pests. But when I didn't remember to use it until after the fact, it helped control the nagging itch. At least on my body ... and on my husband's.

And then we used it in another fashion as well. Our family was in a restaurant that had the door open (I prefer as it helps freshen the air from synthetically scented products used by others) and flies were buzzing ... I'm always reassured that the place isn't loaded with pesticides, yet I find the flies annoying as all get out.

I whipped out my jar of Crocodile!®, opened the lid and set it on the table.

One of our party gave me THE LOOK. But after a very few minutes had a bit of a sheepish grin on her face and said, Well, I guess that works after all. The flies certainly found other areas to buzz. Frankly, I couldn't believe the success myself, but was thankful.

So there you have it. Crocodile works in the jar and on the body.

We got more for our family members, and even our toddler granddaughter can use it. She used to be eaten alive by mosquitos and seems to have the vile reactions to those little beasties just like this granny does . . . and always has, since my earliest childhood.

Thank you for Crocodile!®"
Sincerely, Barb Wilkie, California / Texas

"Last fall, while hiking in the Lincoln/Woodstock area, my son and I did our usual pilgrimage to Lahouts. A sales clerk recommended your product. We scoffed at the name, but purchased it on a lark. Now, I am glad we did.

This summer I've been hiking in the Catskills, NY. Blackflies and no-see-ums abound there. Your salve works miracles. Never before have those nasty pests kept such a distance from my face. It's great. They hover about a foot away, and never even dive bomb. What a treat; what a relief!

Thank you so much for the work you have done developing this product. The odor is most welcome when applying it, and it washes off so easily; not to mention that it's not toxic like deet. This bug deterent of yours is the best. I am so convinced as to the effectiveness of your product that this letter precedes an order for two more 1.5 oz jars (I need to get through the summer and fall with the remainder of the flies and mosquitoes).

Thanks again for developing this insect repellent. I'll be a lifelong customer."
- D. C., Rocky Hill, CT

"Just wanted to report back to you on our use of your product on our son. He is 9 months old, with sensitive/dry skin and he experienced no reaction whatsoever. As a matter of fact, I was truly amazed at how well it worked.

I'm sure you can understand my skepticism, as with any new product. We went up to Somerset Reservoir, which was absolutely loaded with black flies. We had our son bundled up with only his face exposed. Before we set out, I applied some of your product to his cheeks, forehead, nose & chin. I watched him very closely as the bugs were flying all around his face, but not biting him! We were out for nearly 2 hours and he was bit once, between the eyes, probably where I hadn't applied any bug discouragent. I reapplied at that point, including the spot I had missed, and he wasn't bothered again.

I will recommend your product to others. It's nice to have a product on the market that isn't harmful to children. Thanks so much for making it!"
- M.B., Brattleboro, VT

"What a pleasure to see a new product on the market that beats back mosquitoes without all of those chemicals. Crocodile!® bug discouragent (I'd say repellent) does a great job keeping mosquitos and black flies at bay. A few minutes after rubbing Crocodile on my skin, the mosquitos seem to just wander off in search of something else to bite. I even like the smell of Crocodile!® better than those big name brands. I also appreciate a company that not only sells an effective product, but has gone the extra step to make it from organic ingredients. Thanks Dancing Roots. Keep up the good work."
- D. M., Guilford, VT

"I'm an avid hiker. After being cooped-up all winter, there's nothing I enjoy more than to hit the trail in the spring. However, being in the woods during bug season can be more of a hassle than it's worth---unless you bring insect repellant. In the past I've used deet, but after ruining the plastic lenses on my glasses, I decided it's not for me. Last year I tried Crocodile!® and found it does a better job of keeping the little pests away than deet. I like the fact that it's all natural---and it even smells decent."
- JJ, Keene, NH

"I just wanted to let you know I'll be needing more bug repellent and candles for the upcoming season. We will be going to the deep woods of Maine soon and I don't want to go without your great product. Last summer we used the candles while sitting out on the deck and I can't tell you how effective they were!! We weren't pestered by any bugs. The bug repellent was great while we were busy on the boat and hiking. Thanks for a great product!!"
- Marguerite A. MacLean

"Living in rural New Hampshire year round has its share of ups & downs, though less downs than before, thanks to Crocodile.

"After feeling like a smorgasbord for every irritating flying creature, (black flies and mosquitos; especially) it was with great relief to be able to try Crocodile. The results were instant. Insects were repelled rapidly and stayed away,all without the use of any toxic, semi toxic, or artificial ingredients.

"There are words that describe Crocodile that have been used before for many other products. Like, splendid,--remarkable,--the best-- but besides these, a word stands out to me like no other, a word that tells it like it is about Crocodile. To say one good thing about the best bug repellent creme on the market today--I proclaim Crocodile---the most repulsive product I've ever used. It works!"
- Thanks, W.D

"I just love the natural odor. It's so easy to put on and it works great!"
- TAS, Keene, NH

"I keep Crocodile with my flyfishing equipment and use it whenever blackflies and mosquitoes await me on the Ashuelot River."
- FSD, Keene, NH

Read what the Paul Arden Fly Fishing Experience had to say about Crocodile!®

Read what the People's Guide to Mexico said!

From - the online flyfishing resource

Product Review: All Natural Insect Repellent

If a product could provide relief from biting bugs while being all-natural and safe to use, it would be a boon to the sport (or almost any outdoor sport). Crocodile!® is an all natural, herbal 'bug discouragent' ointment which claims to be able to do just that. The product is new and we were sent several bottles for testing. The company, Dancing Roots in Keene, New Hampshire is promoting the all-natural organically grown aspect and based on the reaction to DEET (the most common insect repellent ingredient) the world is ready for that.

Crocodile!® is a mixture of essential oils of plants in a base of canola. It does not contain citronella.

First things first. When first applied this stuff has a definite odor. Whether you find the odor pleasant will be a matter of personal taste, I kind of like it. The only way I can describe it is to say it smells like menthol. There is an undertone (undersmell?) of rosemary and sage (two of the ingredients) and after a short time the smell becomes virtually unnoticeable and the remaining smell seems more like drying hay which is very pleasant (to me anyway). Also it is an oil so you will want to wipe your hands after applying it. The bottle calls it a 'bug discouragement.' Whether this is different than a repellent I am not sure. The recommended procedure is to apply to the skin, then re-apply every three to five hours as needed.

How does it work? Well, for the first test I applied some to one arm and walked around a mosquito-infested area. The difference was definite. The mosquitoes avoided the arm with Crocodile!® and wen for the unprotected arm almost every time. Proof to me that it is better than bare skin.

Next I applied some commercial insect repellent containing DEET to one arm and Crocodile!® to the other and repeated the test. After about 15 minutes I had several mosquito bites on my unprotected neck and none on either arm. OK, slap some Crocodile!® on my neck and try again. This time, with only Crocodile!® protected skin or DEET protected skin, the bugs tended more toward the Crocodile!® areas than the DEET areas, but to my surprise it really did seem to be working. The bugs generally stayed away. A later test on a fishing trip showed the same thing. Crocodile!® works, not as well as my 100% DEET product, but pretty well. This made me think of another test.

Some people use Avon Skin So Soft as a bug repellent and Off has a product called Skintastic for kids without any DEET. A quick trip to my closet turned up both products. I tried them each along with Crocodile!® and found that Crocodile!®, in my admittedly unscientific testing was just as good as either product, plus, in my opinion it smells better. Bottom line, if you would like to patronize companies that make natural products, that use organically grown products, or just don't want to use chemicals on your skin, Crocodile!® provides a very good degree of insect protection compared to other products without DEET.

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