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The Story of Crocodile!® All Natural Herbal Insect Repellent

Crocodile!® is an all natural herbal insect repellent that drives insects away. It's effective on mosquitoes, black flies, sand fleas and other gnats and pests. A single application keeps them away for hours, yet it's safe for the skin and the environment.

An Old World Recipe

Crocodile!® was born in the summer of 1994. Jude (our herbalist) came upon an Old World Recipe for an herbal insect repellent. Intrigued, she went into her organic herb garden and gathered the required herbs to try the recipe with her herb class. A true herbalist, Jude refined the recipe to come up with a nontoxic oil, suitable for use on humans and animals that smelled good, was earth friendly and could be made with organic herbs.

Tested in the Florida Everglades

Fred (our pharmacologist) suggested that we really put the product to the test. We decided to test it in the bug infested Florida Everglades. We asked the locals where we'd find the most mosquito infested area. "That would be snakebite trail," we were told. "But, don't even try it without being fully protected with mosquito netting, or you'll be eaten alive." We rubbed some of our Crocodile!® discouragent on, and hit the trail wearing shorts and t-shirts. It worked! No bites! It was there in the Everglades that the name Crocodile!® came to us. Crocodiles are known for their tough skin. They are naturally impervious to attack from bugs and insects.

Black Flies Were No Match

Our next step was to bring Crocodile!® home to New Hampshire and try it out against the New England mosquito and black fly population. Same results, it worked great! Suddenly Crocodile!® was a family venture. We sent samples far and wide, always with the same results. Uncle Fred went into his lab and developed a grease free cream to contain the Crocodile!® oil. That's how Crocodile!® herbal insect repellent came into being!

As a family, we feel confident and pleased that we have developed a product that is safe, effective, natural, organic, nontoxic . . . and earth friendly.
Bite back with Crocodile!®

The Dancing Roots Family

Dancing Roots is a small, family owned business that provides high quality herbal-based products for people and animals. Our company includes an herbalist and a pharmacologist, with the knowledge and expertise to insure the integrity of our products.

Jude: Herbalist and Educator - Jude has more than 30 year's experience in natural sciences, working with children and adults. Her training as an herbalist includes Botanical Medicine courses at National College of Naturopathic Medicine, advanced classes with many experts in the field, work experience with two herb companies as a laboratory herbalist, and work as an educational consultant and researcher. At present, she lives in Oregon where she teaches Botanical medicine and cares for a large medicine garden.

Dr. Frederick Siegel: Pharmacologist and Chemist - Fred has more than 40 year's experience working in chemistry and pharmacology, both clinically and as an instructor. His work has been published in leading industry journals and textbooks, including the American College of Apothecaries and the Journal of the American Medical Association. He has also consulted with major manufacturers, including Armour Dial, Abbott Labs, Revlon and Neutrogena, Inc.

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